Inactive Membership

An Inactive Member is someone who is not currently practising in New Zealand, e.g. they are retired, on parental leave or overseas.  If an inactive member wishes to reactivate their membership, they must notify the NZAS.

Inactive members:

  • Pay a lesser membership subscription fee
  • May sit on sub-committees
  • Receive the Bulletin, newsletters & discounted Conference fees
  • Do not receive an APC and cannot use the letters MNZAS or Audiometrist NZAS during their Inactive period
  • Are not required to accrue CEP Points whilst Inactive
  • May not vote at the AGM or EGMs

Members may apply to become Inactive by emailing the NZAS Administrator at


Reactivating your NZAS Membership

In order to reactivate your membership you will need to complete a Membership Reactivation Form and undertake a Peer Review as described in the Guidelines for Peer Review Process.

Reactivating members will nominate a minimum of 2 persons for their review. Reviewers must be Full Members of NZAS.

If the reviewer has concerns about the clinical competence of the person being reviewed, then it is the reviewer's responsibility to address these concerns, as outlined in the NZAS Code of Ethics.

If an inactive member reactivates membership part way through the 3-year CEP cycle, they need only collect 20 or 40 points depending on when within the 3-year cycle they re-joined. Thereafter they will move onto the same timing as all other members i.e. collecting 60 points over 3 years. (Part of this must include their Peer Review as set out in the Peer Review Guidelines).

A person who is not practicing clinically wishing to reactivate their membership does not need a complete a peer review but must do so should they commence working clinically.


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