Code of Ethics

The society promotes excellence in hearing care for all New Zealanders and has developed a Code of Ethics outlining five ethical principles and rules for practice which members pledge to adhere to.

Principle 1
Members must honour their responsibilities and hold paramount the rights, needs and dignity of the people they serve professionally.

Principle 2
Members must strive to achieve and maintain the highest level of professional competence

Principle 3
Members must honour their responsibilities to the public by promoting public understanding of the profession, by supporting the development of services for people with hearing difficulties and by providing accurate information in all communication involving an aspect of the profession.

Principle 4
Members must provide the highest standard of independent professional services. The Audiological profession has assumed a responsibility to serve important social interests, requiring an independence from the effects of commercial pressures.

Principle 5
Members must honour their responsibilities to the profession and their relationships with colleagues, students, and members of allied professions. Members must strive to uphold the dignity and autonomy of the profession, maintain harmonious interprofessional and intra-professional relationships, and accept the profession's self-imposed standards. 


The complete New Zealand Audiological Society Code of Ethics guideline principles and rules are available below.

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