NZAS Membership Qualifications and Pathway Policies & Procedures

The NZAS Membership Qualifications and Pathway Policies and Procedures describes the requirements for all classes of membership and the pathway for becoming a member of the NZAS.

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Membership Types

Audiologist Membership

To become an Audiologist member of the NZAS you must hold a NZ Masters Degree in Audiology, or as a graduate from overseas with a degree or degrees that are established to be equivalent to the NZ Masters degree by the NZAS Overseas Candidate Review Panel.

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Audiometrist Membership

NZAS accepts applications from suitably qualified Audiometrists.  Minimum qualification requirements are either a TAFE Diploma of Audiometry (Australia) or Registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Hearing Aid Dispenser (United Kingdom).

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Associate Membership

Associate membership is for people who are not eligible for audiologist or audiometrist membership and are not working clinically in the field of audiology but may be working in a related area and are considered worthy of being an associate member. They must hold at least a master’s degree or its equivalent in a field relevant to audiology.

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Student Membership

You can apply to be a student member if you are enrolled in a course of study in the field of audiology or audiometry. To be a student member of NZAS it is required that the course of study is recognised by NZAS.

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Honorary Membership

A person (whether a current Member or not) who has achieved notable professional or scientific achievement in the field of Audiology or related fields may be invited by the Executive Council to become an Honorary Member.