Re-joining NZAS

A member may no longer hold membership with NZAS for a variety of reasons including:

  • A member chooses not to continue with their membership and offers their resignation to the Society
  • A member fails to pay their annual membership fee
  • A member fails to meet their CEP and/or Peer Review requirements at the end of a three-year cycle

A former member (suspended, resigned, or expelled) may apply for re-entry to the Society in the manner prescribed for new applicants (or modified as may be decided by the Executive Council) and may be readmitted by resolution of the Executive Council.

A former member wishing to re-join the Society must:

  • Apply to re-join including details of their qualifications, CCC and previous work experience.
  • Pay a re-joining application fee.
  • At the discretion of the Executive Council, be required to repeat all, or part of, the CCC process and pay any respective costs associated with the completion of the necessary CCC requirements (such as the OSCE examination fee, if required).

If a former member reactivates their membership during a CEP cycle, they will need to collect the equivalent of 20 points for each full calendar year their membership has been reactivated.


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