The NZAS charges fees for the below activities.

All amounts are in NZ Dollars and effective from 1 March 2024.

Payments can be made by online banking into the NZAS bank account. The account number is 02 0280 0149095 00 and please use your full name as the reference.  On receipt of payment the NZAS Administration team will send you an invoice and receipt via email.

Application Fees

Application fees apply to all Provisional and Associate membership applications and must be paid prior to your application being processed. Application fees are non-refundable.

Application Fee GST exclusive GST inclusive
Provisional Membership - NZ Graduate $104.35 $120.00
Provisional Membership Part 1 - Overseas Graduate $200.00 $230.00*
Provisional Membership Part 2 - Overseas Graduate $104.35 $120.00*
Associate Membership $104.35 $120.00
Suspended/Resigned/Cancelled Member Reapplication $1,000.00 $1,150.00

*GST zero-rated for overseas payments.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are automatically renewed annually in November of the current year and are due by 31 December. For memberships that are accepted part way through the year, the fee will be adjusted on a quarterly basis to reflect the number of months left in the NZAS financial year (ends 31st December). Membership fees are non-refundable.

Membership Fee GST exclusive GST inclusive
MNZAS Audiologist or MNZAS Audiometrist $776.43 $892.89
Provisional Membership - Audiologist and Audiometrist $597.75 $687.41
Inactive Membership $178.24 $204.98
Retired Membership $178.24 $204/98
Associate Membership $274.07 $315.18
Student Membership No fee No fee

CCC Fees

The following fees are charged throughout the CCC process as required.

Fee GST exclusive GST inclusive
Provisional Audiologist Online Modules - Standard Pathway $504.00 $579.60
Provisional Audiologist Online Modules - Fast-track Pathway $234.00 $269.10
Provisional Audiometrist Online Modules $304.00 $349.60
Provisional Audiometrist Online Bridging Course $405.00 $465.75
Chart/Portfolio Resubmission $47.00 $54.05
OSCE Exam $1390.00 $1598.50
OSCE Station 1-3 Re-sit (per station) $465.00 $534.75
OSCE Station 4 (MCQ) Re-sit $118.00 $135.70