About us

NZAS is the professional body for audiologists and audiometrists in New Zealand.  

We are committed to excellence in hearing health care and enabling people with hearing and balance disorders to fully participate in their communities.

We do this through setting ethical and professional standards of practice for our members and advocating on hearing health care matters.

Our Vision

People with hearing and balance disorders participate fully in their communities.

Our Mission

NZAS promotes excellence in hearing care through leadership, advocacy and setting professional standards of practice for all members.

Our Values

NZAS and its members promote high professional and ethical standards of practice and its work is supported by the following values:

Client Focused - The client is as the forefront of our work

Learning - We continue to grow our knowledge and understanding of hearing care best practice

Ethical - We act with honesty and integrity and are accountable for our actions

Respect - We work collaboratively, building mutually respectful relationships with clients and stakeholders